Further Proof I’m Out Of Touch

I saw this sale notice in Publishers Lunch:

28-year old Emily Davies’ HOW TO WEAR BLACK: Adventures on Fashion’s Front-line, a memoir of her four years as fashion writer for London’s Times, immersed in a surreal, luxurious and terrifying world of lavish gifts, fashionably skeletal obsessives and couture warfare, to Sarah McGrath at Scribner, in a major deal, at auction, by Zoe Pagnamenta at PFD New York on behalf of Simon Trewin at PFD UK (NA).

No offense to Emily Davies. Really, none. I’m thrilled for her in scoring a major deal. I’m happy whenever anyone gets a great deal. Kudos. But – yeah, there’s a but – it feels as if this has been done…and done… and done. I know the angle here is different because it’s a memoir. Maybe others still get a thrill out of this. Not me. The glam lit stuff has always been my least favorite. There’s only so much ground to cover here.

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  1. I think the problem with it is that so few people can relate. If your everyday shopping experience is closer to the store with the big red bullseye displayed on it, then it’s hard to empathize with designs most women won’t see, much less wear.

  2. Dear HelenKay
    Interested to read your comments about Emily Davies. I too am bored rigid with glam-lit and all that surface fashion chat which I why I took Emily on as a client and why the world is embracing this proposal. Why? Because HOW TO WEAR BLACK takes the lid off the fashion world in a way I have never seen done before. It isn’t surface, it isn’t glam-lit and you will have never read anything like it before. It will be a huge hit and I will be sending you a proof copy ahead of time – I am willing to bet that you too love it! Best Wishes Simon Trewin http://www.pfd.co.uk

  3. Simon – Thanks for hunting me down. I’d love a copy. I’ll admit my general view is that this subgenre has run its course. But, I’m willing to keep an open mind, be wowed by something a little different then talk about it here.

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