The Return Of Howard

The Howard here is NYT Bestseller Linda Howard – one of my all-time favs. The return part refers to her new Silhouette deal. Yes, you read that correctly. Howard is going back to her category roots. I can’t tell if this is a one-book shot or not. But, really, who cares. This is quite a Silhouette coup.

According to RT the details look like this: Linda Howard will kick off the Raintree Trilogy for the new Silhouette paranormal line Nocturne. Her book arrives in stores in May 2007. Linda Winstead-Jones and Beverly Barton are the other authors in the trilogy…the lucky bums.

Is it too much to hope she’ll find another Mackenzie sibling???

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  1. I recently got my August RT and saw there was an article about Linda Howard. I haven’t read it, yet. I also haven’t read any of her books, yet. Authors and other friends have told me to check her out. Can you recommend a good book, HK?

  2. Oh I’ve heard about this too and it’s so wonderful! I can’t wait! Her category books are fabulous. I can’t wait to read the other books in this new series too, I love romances with a hint of paranormal! Linda Howard is one of my favorite authors. I can’t wait until her new hardback arrives at my door. Dream Man, After The Night and Son Of The Morning are my favorites by LH.

    Hello all. I’m new here and I wanted to say hello to HelenKay. I love the look of your website. :-)

  3. Good news! I was introduced to her writing a long time ago when she wrote her early series books

  4. I am so happy she is doing this. I love her older romances, not that her hard covers aren’t good.

  5. Oh, Melissa, you must read her Mackenzie Series – Mackenzie’s Mountain is the first. And Sarah’s Child is fantastic – the ending is so heart wrenching.

  6. Wow, everyone’s so enthusiastic about her. It’s catching! OK, Pat. I’ll check those out first. Thank you. I’m going to search used bookstores and yard sales for her books too.

  7. OMG–I want another Mackenzie book. LOVE THEM. Joe from Mackenzie’s Mission is my absolute fave. Want that man…

  8. […] It’s a good thing that you are going back to writing romances because Cover of Night is not a romance. It is a suspense book with a romantic theme. Frankly, it’s not a very good suspense book. The setup which pits the town of Trail Stop against a band of professional killers strains the edges of credulity. […]

  9. Is there an RSS feed I can sign up to to get updates?

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