Barbara, Barbara, Barbara

This month’s Romantic Times has a brief note on Barbara Delinsky. Specifically, RT references an interview Delinsky gave to the Boston Globe about her nonfiction book Uplift. During that interview, Delinsky declined to talk about her romance writing days. Being the nosy type, I went in search of the Globe article (it’s not the first story, so keep reading). Here’s what the article says:

Delinsky prefers not to talk about her earlier work, and gives a rueful grin as she explains that she hasn’t written a romance novel in 15 years.

“I’d named my first book `Hills of Eden’ and they re-titled it `The Passionate Touch,’ which to this day I still gag on,” she said. “It took me a while to realize that I could say `No, I won’t have that.’ “

RT suggested the nonfiction book was new. It actually dates back to 2003, but the interview is from October ’06. What I don’t get about this is Delinsky now writes what I’d call women’s fiction. It’s an offshoot of romance. She got her start in romance. She built her fan base in romance. I’m thinking a good portion of those fans followed her to her present work. So, why not just say: “I started in romance and now write XXX.” Is there really a need to separate herself from her early writing by refusing to talk about it? This disavow thing is confusing to me. Seems unnecessary.

Having said all that, Uplift is a book about life after breast cancer. Delinsky is a survivor. Her mother had breast cancer. I read somewhere that both of her sisters had breast cancer. Delinsky donated the proceeds to breast cancer research. Kudos to Delinsky for that.