Recommended Read: Succubus Blues

I recently read a book by a debut author, Richelle Mead. The book is Succubus Blues and, I gotta say, I was impressed. Like, WOW! impressed. There’s a review for it over at PBR.

Now, let me preface these comments by saying I do not know Richelle Mead. I plan on hunting her down and introducing myself at RT or the RWA Conference, but the “endorsement” here is not because she’s a buddy or because we’re on a promo loop together or anything or the sort. Sure, she’s one of my MySpace friends, but so is a guy called Exile Man…or something like that…and I don’t know him either.

Succubus Blues. Needless to say, this is a paranormal/urban fantasy. And, frankly, I’ve about reached my limit on paranormal reads since, well, that’s all I can seem to find. Going in I didn’t have any expectations – good or bad – for the book. So, when it was witty but not slapstick, clever but not overly so, smart but not too taken with itself and unique but not to the point where I had no idea what the heck was going on, I was hooked. You can read the review, but the bottom line is that this girl can write. Her world of demons, angels and imps sucks you in. It’s not a romance in the traditional sense of boy-meets-girl and off they go to a happy ending. So, if you need that, this one may not work for you. For everyone else, give it a shot.

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  1. It’s sad that you have to claify that you found a book enjoyable just because it was a really good book and not for promo. I’m just glad you can find time to read amidst your writing.

    I’ve seen this author on myspace but haven’t looked into the book. I’m rather over the whole paranormal thing myself, but there’s always the exception, as my tbr pile has shown me *g*

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