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I read Mrs. Giggles’ review of Richelle Mead’s SUCCUBUS BLUES. Mrs. Giggles loved it. I reviewed it for PBR and loved it. Bam loved it. So, yeah, go buy the book. I put the link right there, so you don’t have an excuse not to do it right now.

What I did find interesting was that all of the reviews had some form of “I know you’re sick of this genre, but…” in it. Mrs. Giggles said: “Yes, yes, we already have a million urban fantasy series out there and you have no time or money to follow another one. It’s your loss.” Bam said: “Let’s get the confession out of the way. I so did not want to read this book. In fact, I had no intention of reading it.” I felt the same way as these two ladies and said something similar.

What does it mean for the genre that we all write reviews and talk about the new offerings from the standpoint of “I know you’re sick of this genre, but…” As with romantic suspense and chick lit before it (and erotic romance on the horizon), I’m thinking at a point in the very near future, readers will go searching for something else, sales will shrink and some authors will get tossed. Left over will be a fresher and more streamlined paranormal market. This probably isn’t a bad thing except to those authors who are tossed aside, but it is a sad thing.

I’m just thinking if we’re at the point where we’re justifying why you should pick up one more paranormal title, the genre is headed for a fall. Reviewers justifying their choices is one thing. Readers needing a reason to buy one more paranormal should be a scary thing for the industry since it is now so dependent on paranormal in its offerings.

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  1. I’m just thinking if we’re at the point were we’re justifying why you should pick up one more paranormal title, the genre is headed for a fall.

    That’s a fascinating line you wrote. That’s the tipping point. Because once you have to convince the reader its still fresh when they believe it is not, then a whole slew of books are being overlooked. Which is too bad. Having said that I read another great first person paranormal: Ilona Andrews, Magic Bites. I think you might like it.

  2. Exactly! And it is too bad, because some of the paranormal stuff I’ve read recently has been some of the best. I’d hate to think that people might miss out one some of these titles just because they’ve hit a saturation point.

    Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve never been a huge fan of first person, but I am slowly being converted thanks to some excellent writing.

  3. I’ve been reading a lot of YA lately. HK, have you read Libby Bray yet? Her prose is very clean and eloquent.

  4. Jane, you got Magic Bites?! You evil evil evil woman. I so want to read that one. It’s on my list to buy.

  5. I love these books and they are not getting tiresome. I am not fond of Mrs Giggles. I am going to be looking for some of these books.

  6. I haven’t read Libby Bray and have no idea what Magic Bites is. I feel so out of the loop!!! Thanks for the recommendations. Off to B&N…

    Debby – I know Mrs. Giggles can be rough, but she loved this one. I think she got it right. Mead’s book is really good. Definitely pick it up.

  7. Hi, HelenKay–

    I piggy-backed on this topic a little bit today–here’s a link:



  8. I requested it from Ace when I saw her book talked about on May’s blog. I then went to the website and read the excerpt. It sounded fresh. I got the book and read it and was fascinated by the worldbuilding/fantasy construct. plus, as a bonus, there is a hot shapeshifter. :)

  9. Interesting post – I definitely agree that the paranormal genre is oversaturated nowadays. As a result, I’ve read too many so-so paranormal romance books lately, and that’s made me a bit more picky about the books I buy.

    I was at the bookstore last weekend and there was a vampire romance release (new author, can’t remember name or title now!) in the New Titles section. A year or so ago, I’d probably have bought it straightaway, just because it was different. This time around, I read the blurb and a few pages, and put it back down because there was nothing out of the ordinary about the plot or the writing.

    Btw, I’m keeping an eye out for Magic Bites, because it does sound interesting!

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