The Ward Addiction

The first book I read post-deadline was J.R. Ward’s Lover Unbound. The review of it is up at PBR right now. After writing the review, I checked out what Dear Author and others had to say about J.R. Ward’s newest. Seems some folks think Ward lost some of her luster with this installment. I understand the complaints but still feel the Ward love.

I have always insisted that if you’re looking for a huge paranormal romance, the Brotherhood books are not your answer. To me, these books are less about romance and more about what I view as a vampire family drama, sort of a Band of Brothers for vampires. In fact, I found the romance in Lover Unbound to be the least interesting and least developed aspect of the book. It was too contrived, too fast, too…something. But forgivable because the strength of Ward’s writing comes from her ability to create this huge, seemingly unwieldy world, keep it straight, build on it and move it forward. The hints of future planted in Lover Unbound prove Ward has an overall plan. I praise and adore Ward for that.

In many ways Lover Unbound is hard to talk about because the entire thing feels like a spoiler alert. Won’t even try to give a plot summary here. Read it yourself. Not sure what else to say except for what I said in an email to friends this morning: “Once again I devoured the book then looked back in stunned admiration at what Ward accomplished and how she hooked me despite significant flaws.”

That is Ward’s gift. She creates reading addiction. For that I continue to be a dedicated fan.