Ugly Little Secret

I thought it was time to come clean. Tell the truth. I am a Syfy channel original movie addict. I blame my dad. Not that he likes science fiction movies all that much. I remember him being offended by the movie Independence Day because Will Smith’s character easily found his girlfriend at the military base during the alien attack. Dad thought that was unrealistic. Never mind the fact the movie is about an alien attack. My mom is actually the bigger science fiction fan than my dad, but I don’t think she watches the Syfy channel all that much, so I can’t blame her.

No, I blame dad because my ability to watch truly terrible movies without changing the channel can be traced back to him. I spent a lot of time watching the Sunday morning political talk shows with my dad. Every now and then, usually after football season had ended, we’d get lazy and watch whatever bad movie came on after the talk shows. This is how I saw almost every early Arnold Schwarzenegger film. One of my fondest memories is of sitting with my dad and watching Commando. At one point dad turned to me and said, “Did he just kill 100 people all by himself without reloading his gun?” The answer was yes. And, no, we couldn’t change the channel. He watched the whole thing…and the movie that came on after.

So, having developed this early love of bad/unrealistic films, I turned to the Syfy original movies. One debuts tomorrow called Mega Python v. Gatoroid. I am not kidding. And it stars 80s pop stars Tiffany and Debbie Gibson. Again, not kidding. I could not make this stuff up. There was even an article about these Syfy movies in a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly.

My favorite quote from Thomas Vitale, a VP at Syfy:

There’s the campy creatures, like Sharktopus. There’s the supernatural horror movies, like Mothman. There’s action-adventure, like Monsterwolf. And then there’s the very successful unnatural-disaster genre. An unnatural disaster is like a volcano, only a volcano in New York, where you wouldn’t expect one. That’s the twist that makes it a Syfy Saturday night movie.

For the record, the unnatural-disaster movies are my favorites. Mega-earthquakes, meteor atttacks – I love them all.

Don’t judge me.