Romance & Justified

I am a huge fan of the tv show Justified. The fact Timothy Olyphant stars in it is a big part of the attraction. And he wears this hat…and carries a gun…and is generally adorable as he walks the very thin line between right and wrong. I have one problem with the show. Not all the shooting and the criminal stuff. Love that. No, I dislike this season’s rekindling of the romance between Raylan (Olyphant’s character) and Winona, his courthouse worker ex-wife. [Is she a paralegal? I don't even know. I've watched every episode, some more than once, and have never taken the time to figure out what she does.]

Reading reviews of the show the general view is that Raylan, a sharpshooter U.S. Marshal with a tendency to get in huge trouble, is better off with his ex than last season’s bed partner, Ava, the bad girl who killed her abusive hubby. I disagree with the general wisdom here. If I were writing Justified – and I totally should be – The whole Raylan/Winona romance would not be happening. Nope. My issues:

1. The Winona character is the least interesting person on the show. Sorry, but she is. We are in the middle of some silly subplot with her husband (yeah, she remarried someone other than Raylan but they’re now separated) and stolen money. Her taking a walk on the bad side doesn’t make the character more interesting. I actually think the storyline doesn’t make much sense.

2. Raylan is part bad boy. He carries a badge and is the law, but he’s had a rough past, including having a felon for a father. The idea of Raylan with the put-together blond wife doesn’t really work for me. I think his naughty side would come out and he’d be attracted to Ava, the woman he naturally would have been with had he stayed in Harlan, Kentucky and followed his father’s footsteps into crime.

3. One of the more interesting aspects of the show is the relationship between Raylan and Boyd Crowder, a guy Raylan grew up with who also has a criminal (now dead) father. Boyd is probably who Raylan would have been had he not gone for a law enforcement career and left town. Having Boyd end up with Ava and Raylan end up with prettied-up Winona is too…easy. It’s a simplistic subplot in the middle of complex show. And have I mentioned that Winona is not all that interesting?

So, I would like to ask the writers of Justified to stop the Raylan/Winona romance. They want to sleep together from time to time and otherwise mess up their lives, fine. A full-on romance? Please no. You can come up with something so much better.