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Some lovely readers have emailed asking about the final two books in my Mystery Men miniseries for Intrigue. Thought I’d go ahead and give a little teaser for each one.


Maddie Timmons turned over in bed for what felt like the fiftieth time. It had to be past two by now. She refused to look at the clock and check. Not again.

The room had plunged into darkness hours ago when the sun ducked behind the mountains outlining the side of her cabin. The cool late spring air couldn’t penetrate the thick windows near her head. She knew because she’d installed the laminated safety glass herself and then made sure the potential entrances stayed locked at all times. A blaring alarm took care of the rest.

She kicked off the covers and stared at the ceiling. Despite all the precautions, something made her restless. She couldn’t put a reason to the feeling. She just knew her insides kept jumping around, pressing down on her chest and forcing her eyes open ever time they tried to drift shut.

THE BIG GUNS (September 2011)

Sela Andrews was five minutes away from walking into an ambush. Slumped down in his Jeep on the street outside her apartment, Zach Bachman watched the set-up unfold.

The small split screen monitor on his watch showed Sela approaching the elevator on the floor five stories above. That wasn’t the problem, except for how clueless she appeared to be to the danger around her. The other shot centered on the building’s underground garage. There, in stall seventeen, not far from where Zach sat, a man fiddled with something under the hood of her car.

And not just any man. A guy dressed in black, his gaze skipping around the garage as if looking for witnesses. He’d even taken the time to disable the security camera. He just didn’t know he’d missed one – Zach’s.

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