Saw a link via twitter about the devastation in Alabama. I haven’t been able to get this woman’s post out of my head since I read it. Go here. If you’re not one to click on links, just read this part:

We had a neighbour who used to trade food and recipes with my husband. She moved out at the end of last month to a house on Thirteenth Street. There is no Thirteenth Street. I saw three dead bodies in a three-block walk. They were just out there. No way of getting to them. Nobody coming for them.

Please donate.

3 Responses to “Perspective”

  1. tis is so sad. i wish i had so money so i could donate. 😥

  2. i will probably be donating via our synagogue. wish i could do more.

  3. Sometimes things like that seem surreal. The updates just kept getting worse and the images were just sickening. I am so glad to see so many people coming forward to help in so many different ways.

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