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Today’s topic is an author’s choice, so I decided to give you something a bit, shall we say, hotter. I have a super sexy short coming out next week. It’s called DOWN TO BUSINESS and is the second in a series about a fictional business, Coleman Engineering. I’ll let you know once it goes live, but the cover looks like this:

Millionaire businessman Rob Coleman has more than work on his mind. The glassed-in atrium in his office building provides the perfect view of the sexy woman in the office across from him who happens to have a weakness for short skirts. When a chance run-in at the lobby coffee cart leads to much more intimate meetings, and none of them work-related, Rob realizes he’s lost control and is thinking about Ella Lachlan all the time. For a man who doesn’t mix business with pleasure, figuring out his fantasy woman is also his ex-wife’s new assistant means one thing – trouble.

To get you in the mood, here is an excerpt from the first book in the series, RISQUE BUSINESS to entice you to buy both. This one is already for sale, so go ahead and buy it now! 😉

“Are you afraid of me, Matt?” Kari asked.

He swallowed hard to keep from saying the wrong thing. “What?”

“I think you heard me.”

Heard and possibly misunderstood. “Just want to make sure I’m not doing anything wrong here.”


Kissing her. Licking her. “A smart man knows when to stay quiet.”

“That’s a shame.”

He blinked a few times. “Excuse me?”

“I was thinking you might make a pass.”

His heartbeat hammered in his ears. He shook his head to clear it. “I don’t…is this some kind of test?”


“Did Rob put you up to this?”

Her eyebrow inched up. “You think Rob is concerned about your sex life?”

Matt felt his eyes bulge but he tried to keep the rest of his body still. “Who said anything about sex?”


Oh, she sure wasn’t alone in thinking about it. He couldn’t really concentrate on anything else. Hell, he should probably be fired just for the racy pictures popping up in his head. Heaven knew the thoughts he had about her had nothing to do with work, unless you counted what he wanted to do with her on his desk, against his office door…in his chair.

She leaned in closer. “Matt?”

“Give me a second here.” He balled his hands into fists. Dug his nails right into his palms as he tried to think of blood and guts and anything else that would keep his cock from pressing against his zipper. “I’m pretty sure I’m missing something.”

She stood up. Walked around the table until she hovered right behind him. With her hands on the back of his chair, she leaned down and blew a breath of warm air across his ear. Their bodies didn’t touch but heat radiated off her, penetrating his cotton dress shirt.

He snuck another look into the lobby and saw that Lydia had gone somewhere, damn her. That left Kari and endless possibilities for him to screw up his career. “We should-”

“I’ve seen you watching me.”

Since she only mentioned the looking he guessed she somehow missed the near-constant erection and general stuttering he did whenever she walked by. Just a sniff of the floral scent wrapping around her and his lower body went into hyper-drive.

“But I would never act on it,” he said, not sure if his statement was even true.

“That’s a shame.”

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  1. Congrats on the upcoming release, HelenKay.

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