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Today’s topic is about celebration. Since I have a book coming out on Monday and it’s a holiday romance, I have a lot to celebrate. In WE’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS, Lila has moved to town and is refurbishing a run-down campground owned by her uncle. She’s never done construction work and Spence has stepped up to do most of the harder projects, but she’s not afraid of a little sweat. Spence thinks she’s overdoing it and is determined to come up with a more realistic list of tasks for her until he sees her the morning after Day One of work…

By the time Spence reached the door his unrealistic anger had downshifted into something else. He didn’t want to scare her, but he did want her to know that kiss was no fluke. The tie between them started in that hotel and knotted them together even now.

After a quick count to ten, he shoved the door open. It only took a second to find her. She stood bundled up in a ski jacket and gloves, trying to paint the inside window trim even though it was cold enough to see her breath.

With that the last of his frustration fell away. She wasn’t running from him. She was running to this.

Maybe it was the cheeks stung bright pink by the cool air or the fake fur earmuffs that made her look like some sort of ski bunny. And the way the excitement lit her eyes there was no way he could deny her the right to rush to the project each morning, even if he wanted her somewhere else with him.


“How long have you been here?” The words came out sharper than he intended but she didn’t even flinch.

She dumped the paintbrush back in the tray by her rain boots. “An hour.”

Since it wasn’t even seven yet, he found her work ethic more than a little impressive. He and Travis were
the early risers at Thomas Nurseries. Mitch would sleep until ten if he could and Austin shoved more work into a nine-to-six workday than any other human on the planet. Already this morning Lila had set up the drop
cloth and outlined the window in blue tape, though the finish wasn’t on the walls, so there was nothing she
could ruin with a stray splash of off-white.

Which led to an obvious issue. “I’m not sure we’re ready to paint in here yet.”

“That’s what Travis said.”

Spence gave in to temptation. He walked over to stand in front of her, just out of touching range but close enough to reach out if he wanted to…and boy did he want to. “Regardless of the warnings, you thought you’d give it a shot?”

She shrugged under her oversized coat. “I just wanted to see.”

Big coat. Tiny T-shirt. Spence didn’t think he could take much more. He ached to get her out of all of it.

Instead of dwelling on her wardrobe or his plans for later, he went with the need thundering in his brain.
“There’s one thing you forgot when you rushed out here this morning.”

She nibbled on her bottom lip. “What?”

The way her hair fell over her shoulders, all smooth and shiny, made him want to run his fingers through
it. “This.”

Through all the layers and despite the tiny O that formed on her mouth as he leaned in, he wasn’t deterred. His mouth met hers and the fireworks sparked as strong as they had the night before. Heat raced through his body and the blood rushed to his erection. He’d take her over any drop of alcohol or drug out there. The taste of her, the feel of her hands against his chest, wiped out every oath he’d ever made about women.

His mother left. Women moved in and out of his life. Friends lost it over the females in their lives. He didn’t understand any of it. Didn’t understand his feelings for the woman wrapped in his arms or what made her different, because she was and he couldn’t explain how.

None of that stopped him from deepening the kiss until he knew he had to stop or risk giving his men an unbelievable show. When he pulled back and looked down at her, he saw flushed cheeks and cloudy eyes. Her death grip on his sleeves hadn’t eased even though the kiss ended.

“What was that for?” Her voice sounded breathy and thin.

“A reminder.”

“Of what?”

Damn, he could not stop wanting her. Touching her only ramped up the need. “Last night’s kiss.”

“You honestly think I forgot about that?”

Her smile rocked him. Yeah, this woman wasn’t on the run. That wasn’t the look of a woman trying to hide her feelings.

“A man needs to make sure.”

She treated him to a quick kiss that was over before he could join in. “And this woman needs breakfast. Take me to Schmidt’s.”

By the time he realized what was happening, she’d put three feet of formidable space between them. “If I didn’t know better I’d say you were trying to drag me into public because you’re not sure if you can resist me in private.”

She stepped up and slipped her arm through his, guiding him toward the door. “Did I mention you’re paying?”

Question answered. “With pleasure.”

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  1. So looking forward to this! Preordered and waiting for Monday to download :smile:

  2. Lori – Thank you! I really love this story and hope others do too!

  3. OH it sounds great. Can’t wait to read it

  4. Enjoyed reading your blog today. Have a great Holidays.

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