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I’m almost done with my book. The deadline is quickly approaching. While I’m writing I give you this snippet. It’s an author’s choice, so I went with my upcoming release, NO TURNING BACK. Take a loook…

It was as if the man had a magnet in his ass.

If Declan ventured from the house, she seemed to find him and stumble over him. This time at the gas station. Leah had been singing off-key to a song on the radio and generally trying not to think about her meeting with him tomorrow night and she conjured him up. She’d postponed the meeting to Sunday to have a day away from him and to put her argument together. So much for planning.

She seriously considered riding around on an empty gas tank over pulling in next to him. But Bob, the owner of the mini-mart stepped out and her cover was blown. She turned off the ignition and stared out the front window. It was either that or glance over and see those faded jeans and that impressive butt, the same one on full view as Declan bent over the hood of his truck. Clearly the Hanover gene pool excelled in the looks department.

She opened the door, keeping her eye on him the entire time. The goal was to sneak along the side of the car, play it cool and get the hell out of there. She got to the tank and whipped the cap off.

He cleared his throat. “I can see you, you know.”

Well, damn. “I know how this looks.”

He walked over and lifted the gas nozzle for her and started pumping her gas. “Like you have a significant stalker issue? Lucky for you I’m not the litigious type. I’m also not convinced I want you to go away.”

The move was so natural and non-threatening that she stepped back and let him do it. She tried to remember if any man had ever offered to pump her gas or just done it to be helpful. If this was part of some elaborate con to prove he was decent, she understood why men like Charlie were so successful. The moves worked. The charm reeled you in and you got hooked.

His words finally registered. “Wait…what?”


She reached for the hose. “I can get that.”

He set the lock and let the meter click as the tank filled. “It’s under control.”

“Are you going to pay for it, too?”

“If you need me to.”

Oh, lord, that smile. With the body and the face it amounted to a triple punch to a woman’s control. Smashed her common sense into a million pieces.

Much more of this and she’d be making him dinner. “Should I be worried?”

“About?” He put his hands in his front pockets. The move lifted his tee and showed off that sexy tattoo again.

Why couldn’t he have a duck or a naked woman or something totally unappealing? “You being nice to me.”

“Maybe I’m a nice guy.”

That was starting to be her concern. If he was who he appeared to be then all those years of running around and investigating were a waste of time. Worse, her father would never accept news of a good-guy Hanover and she’d get stuck between the men and infuriate her father when she refused to ruin Declan. Not a battle she relished.

“Don’t sound so impressed with yourself,” she said, her voice more gruff than intended because of the thoughts running through her head.

He gave his eyes and neck an exaggerated roll. “We’re not going to fight, are we? Because I haven’t had my coffee yet and think I may need caffeine to do battle with you.”

Copyright 2013, HelenKay Dimon
All Rights Reserved, Penguin Berkley

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  1. Sounds awesome. Can’t wait to read it

  2. Release day is less than two months away.

  3. Thank you! Release day is not too far now. It comes out out mid-March, so six weeks or less. Almost time and I’m very excited. I hope you guys like it.

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