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Years ago I read this 2-in-1 anthology by Linda Howard called THE MACKENZIES. In an author’s note at the front she talked about writing the second book in this series, MACKENZIE’S MISSION, completing it, and realizing it was wrong. She thought she didn’t do the hero, Joe, justice and re-wrote it in record time. I remember thinking something along the lines of: wow, that sucks and I hope it never happens to me.

Can you see where this story is going?

Yeah, I had the same exact thing happen. I wrote the book for Travis from my Holloway series, finished it in an illness-induced haze and let the book sit for a day or two so I could look at it with semi-fresh eyes before turning it in. When I did go back and look at it, I didn’t think it was good enough. Travis was fine but the heroine was all wrong. She was NOT the woman for Travis. So, I re-wrote it from scratch – super-fast and in panic mode. This is way past deadline and the only reason I could do this is my editor is pretty awesome (and she’s also on vacation and couldn’t edit it anyway). She comes back later this week and I’m polishing the last of it now.

Did I mention the book – JUST WHAT HE WANTED – comes out in mid-June? Yeah, this is super tight, but I also think it’s a much better book. Travis found the woman he deserved.

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  1. Oh, wow, HelenKay. As if your deadlines weren’t tightly packed as it is! Take some vitamins, woman, and get some sleep! But I’m sure Travis appreciates the extra effort. 😉

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