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Today’s topic is: jobs. Since the first Hanover Brothers novel is out (NO TURNING BACK), I thought I’d give another peek at Book #2 A SIMPLE TWIST OF FATE. This is kind of job related…well, Beck is working. So, close enough. Take a look…

She stood at the top of the stairs and glanced at her watch. Three-o-one. A sprint down the stairs and out the door and she could maintain the sort-of adult high ground and avoid Beck all day.

That was a smart plan. One she had no intention of following.

The whole hiding, ducking, running thing she’d been doing since she came to Sweetwater was exhausting and not how she usually operated. Though her experience in the male department might be limited, she enjoyed men. Loved to look at them, smell them, watch them walk and hear them laugh. Her desire to dive into a relationship and have the freedom to explore everything she wanted in bed grew stronger every day.

And Beck, with the way his t-shirt hung loose on his trim waist and grazed the top of his faded jeans. He bent or twist and that tiny slip of skin would show.

Sexiest thing ever.

Well, it was time for the brooding hottie to face her down. The place was all wrong. The circumstances were a big heaping mess. But after a restless night and wild dreams she’d had enough waiting. Even with writing a lopsided pro and con list a mile long and mostly loaded on the negative half, she intended ignore caution and go for it.

For once, she wanted what she wanted. This wasn’t about what she should do or what her aunt needed from her. This moment only would be about Sophie.

Before her brain cells fired up and banded together to tell her to stop, she walked to the closed door. A brief knock and she opened it, hoping surprise might play to her favor.

Beck glanced up from his position behind the long table. Hands on the sides of his head with fingers speared through his hair and papers thrown everywhere as if a mini-cyclone had blown through.

The intense gaze pinned her even though his bent over study position didn’t change. “What’s wrong?”

The lack of communication, her state of mind since seeing him naked…and those were only the start of the confused list that scrolled every time she closed her eyes. “We need to talk.”

Almost as if in slow motion, he sat back, resting one elbow on the arm of his chair. “Rarely is that a positive phrase coming from a woman.”

“You have that conversation a lot with women?” Boy did she hate that idea. He never talked about girlfriends. Leah’s questions to him one night, an interrogation Sophie hovered in the hallway and strained to hear, confirmed he hadn’t seen
anyone since arriving in town. But still.

“Often enough to know something bad is coming.”

“That’s up to you.”

His head dipped to one side as he studied her. “This visit seems to be going downhill.”

“Your facial expression isn’t exactly a flashing welcome sign either.” It straddled the line between frown and glare. She wasn’t fond of either look.

Glancing around the table, his gaze hesitated over piles stacked on the floor. “Well, I am working and the door was closed.”

Blow landed. She felt the slice right through her middle. Fine, if he wanted to play the tough-guy role, she’d give him something to be pissy about. “You’re hiding.”

“Excuse me?”

She wondered if he had any idea how much like Callen he sounded when he used that phrase. The deadly flat tone and bruising frown. No question the act intended to telegraph anger and tell her to back off.

Not going to happen.

Time to say what she came to say. The other stuff, about wanting him and everything of the kissing-sex-naked variety was off limits. He didn’t seem open and she didn’t have some whacked out internal need to make an ass of herself. “You came to my house last night.”


Clearly he was not going to make one syllable of this conversation easy. “Why?”

“Doesn’t matter.”

“It does to me.”

He shrugged at her. That’s it, an annoying lift of his impressive shoulders, giving new meaning to the term “pulling teeth.”

Copyright 2013, HelenKay Dimon
All Rights Reserved, Penguin Berkley

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  1. Looking forward to finding out what Sophie is hiding.

  2. You will definitely find out!

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