A Snippet!

THE TALENTED MR RIVERS is now out – yay!!  While it releases, I’m finishing up GUARDING MR FINE, the third book in this series. Here’s a snippet from the upcoming book, out February 2017:

Seth Lang wanted out of Berlin. He had the itch to get back in the field. Focus on planning, waiting and performing.
None of that was going to happen. He could also forget going to the States or heading to Paris, his usual blow-off-steam spot. He’d pulled a crap assignment. The kind members of the special ops division of the CIA dreaded – babysitting a diplomat. In this case, the new U.S. Consul General to Munich, Germany.

Boring shit. He’d almost rather take a vacation, and he hadn’t had one of those in four years, unless you counted that time he was in a coma.

This was a mandatory stand down. After nearly getting killed during the last op his superiors handed him an easy draw, one where he wouldn’t get shot at every single minute. For some reason they viewed that as a reward. He didn’t. He despised soft assignments.


In case you missed it, here are the buy links for THE TALENTED MR RIVERS:


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