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I’ve had some questions about the Games People Play series that starts with THE FIXER. Well, I have some good news! The next book, THE ENFORCER, comes out April 25th. And I’ve sold more!!

Reminder, there aren’t any undercover operatives or law enforcement types, no serial killers or small town killers in this series. The heroes and heroines have messy, entangled pasts. In each book there’s an old mystery or unsolved case. Basically, think of these as emotional, sexy books with a touch of danger. Specifically, we have…

Book #1 (out now) THE FIXER – Go buy it. Really.

Book #2 (out 4/2017): THE ENFORCER – A heroine on the run and in hiding after a devastating massacre years ago, and a hero looking for answers and a bit of revenge. This one is available for pre-order, so get it now.

Book #2.5 (out 10/2017): Garrett’s book! This one will be a Christmas novella. It revolves around a man who rises from the dead – literally. Once you read THE ENFORCER you’ll probably understand who the “man” is.

Book #3 (out 12/2017): THE PRETENDER – An art thief and con artist hero who was in the absolutely wrong place at the wrong time when a murder occurred, and the prickly heroine he has to risk everything to save from prison.

Book #4 (summer 2018?)- I’m not 100% sure when this one is out or what the plot is. I’m still thinking it through, but the hero will be one of Quint 5 (or tangentially related to them), like the other heroes in the series.

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