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Sunday, June 21st, 2009
Some Entertainment

Even with a deadline looming I’ve been enjoying a bit of summer entertainment. Specifically, a few movies and books. Here are my thoughts:

-The movie UP – It’s fabulous. It’s one of those animated films that makes you all weepy. Damn those folks at Disney Pixar! The love story is bittersweet and so relatable it’s heartbreaking. The talking dogs are beyond adorable. And the message about moving on without losing the past is the sort that works no matter the setting.

-TERMINATOR SALVATION – I really tried to like this. I’m a fan of the Terminator series (by that I mostly mean #1 and 2 since I thought #3 was so-so). The casting didn’t make a lot of sense to me. The ages seemed all wrong. Kyle Reese is a teen? Didn’t get that. Liked the Worthington actor dude but his accent kept slipping. For some reason that always drives me apeshit. John Connor almost fades into the background and his character arc, well, it doesn’t exist. On that note, while I apprecaite Christian Bale and all, what is with that voice? For half of the film he sounded like Batman playing John Connor. Yeah, should have just seen STAR TREK (totally loved that one) again.

-The book CHILD 44 – This was a total win for me. It’s a thriller set in 1950s Soviet Union. The setting is rich to the point where it feels like another character. The protagonist is flawed and misguided and so well written. He works for the State Security Force. In case you’re not clear from the title, those were generally not the good guys. The love story is true to the times and in many ways not meant to be a love story at all. And did I mention the serial killer? A serial killer in a society that insisted crime didn’t exist? Totally loved this one.

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