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Tuesday, February 28th, 2012
Conference Follow-Up

I attended a new event over the weekend – Passion & Prose. The target of this event is readers, which is the absolute best idea. There were opportunities for readers to chat with authors and get books signed, all in an informal atmosphere. I had a really good time and saw some online blogger friends and authors I only get to see in person a few times per year.

The speakers really added to the event. There was a YA author panel. The authors were at the end of a multi-city publicity tour. You could tell they were comfortable with each other and they did a great job selling their books by just being themselves. For me the highlight was Beth Revis. She wrote ACROSS THE UNIVERSE which I read months ago and thought was really good. It’s one of those plots where I heard it and thought, “well, why didn’t I think of that?” And when she said she writes scifi because she likes to blow things up, my heart melted. Loved that answer.

I’m not a big steampunk reader. I love the creativity of it, the covers and the look of the lifestyle. It’s just one of those genres I never think to pick up unless someone makes a recommendation.

Despite all that, Gail Carriger is an author name I hear all the time. Having heard her speak, I can see why. She has the look and her background as an archeologist and academic makes her even more interesting to listen to. I bought the first in her series, SOULLESS because she was so entertaining. She also shares my great love for tea.

Meg Cabot was the afternoon speaker. I’ve heard her talk before and she is always a joy. She’s funny and charming, much like her books.

My favorite series by her is the Heather Wells Mystery series (it’s an adult chick lit style mystery with a bit of romance). These books are on my keeper shelf. so imagine my joy when she said a new book is coming out this year. It’s called SIZE 12 AND READY TO ROCK. I am so excited for the July release.

Bottom line: well-run conference day, terrific speakers and a lot of fun. I really hope Mysterious Galaxy puts it on again next year.

Saturday, February 25th, 2012
Snippet Saturday

Today I’m at Passion & Prose. I’m doing one of my favorite things – hanging out with readers and other authors. I’ll check back tomorrow with an update on the event. Until then, today is an “author’s choice” day in snippet land. I thought it might be fun to post the first few paragraphs of each of my 2012 Intrigues. Here you go…


Jonas Porter yawned as he marched up the front porch steps to the craftsman-style bungalow in the middle of nowhere. At ten in the morning he’d been on shift for more than sixteen straight hours thanks to the Webber kid taking his neighbor’s car for a joyride that ended with a big splash into the Siuslaw River.

When he took the law enforcement position, Jonas had been promised relative peace and quiet by the county sheriff and Jonas’ long-time mentor, Walt Roberts. Since Jonas needed a break and crime didn’t run rampant in Aberdeen, the small Oregon town where the river dumped into the Pacific Ocean, the job looked like the perfect solution. If a drunk pre-teen with a lack of common sense turned out to be the biggest problem, Jonas could live with that.
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Thursday, February 23rd, 2012
Still Blogging

I’ve been a very bad blogger lately. I promise to be better. Until then, I am doing my usual Thursday blogging at Genreality today. Stop by and say hello.

Saturday, February 18th, 2012
Saturday Snippet

Today’s theme is romance. I happen to have plenty of scenes that fit this topic. Even though it’s fairly warm and sunny where I live, I decided to go with a snippet from my Christmas novella, IT’S NOT CHRISTMAS WITHOUT YOU (which is also in the HOLIDAY KISSES anthology). I will be writing a few more stories in this world. This book kicks off the series.

She smiled as she poked him in the side. “Austin.”

He came awake in a rush. He jackknifed into a sitting position and held his hands up as if ready to fight off whomever was about to launch an attack. “What is it?”

“I want you to come to a party.”

The tension didn’t ease across his shoulders. He didn’t lower his hands either. “Is that code for something?”

She slipped her arms around his stomach and placed a kiss on his impressive shoulder. By the second kiss, his firm stance melted and his body fell against hers.

“Sorry I scared you,” she said.

“More like put me on my guard, but you can wake me up in bed anytime.”

She pressed him back on the bed. Not a surprise he didn’t put up a fight. The man enjoyed being naked.

But she wanted his attention. Was suddenly desperate for him to understand and agree. “There’s a party at my museum at the beginning of the week. A fancy holiday party.”

“Okay.” He made the word into about eleven syllables.

“I want you to be my date.” She tucked her hair behind her ear. “A real date. Not a Shawn date.”

“At the museum.” Austin said the words nice and slow as if he needed to taste them before committing.


The hand that had been brushing up and down her arm fell to the bed. “Is this a test of some kind?”

She wanted to say no but she had to admit in a way it sort of was. An unfair one, maybe, but a chance for her to show him something that meant so much to her.

“You don’t have to look at the paintings. You just have to be there with me.”

A huge smile slashed across his face. “Well, why didn’t you say so?”

She bit her bottom lip. “Remember this is a big party.”

“You might want to stop trying to sell it since you’re going the other way now.”

“Is that a yes?”

He turned until he lay facing her. “Baby, I can’t think of a place you could go where I wouldn’t follow.”

“You need to wear a tux or at least a fancy suit.”

He stopped in the middle of rolling her to her back. “Probably a good thing you waited to tell me that until after I said yes.”

“I’m not stupid.”

“But you are sexy.” Her back hit the mattress and he loomed over her. “And awake. I’m pretty happy about that last part.”

That familiar revving started deep in her stomach. The thought he might touch her again so soon was enough to kick her breathing into high gear. “Noticed that, did you?”

“I say we put this thing where we’re both awake to good use.”

Then he lowered his head and she forgot about anything but him.

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Thursday, February 16th, 2012
Away From Home

Over at Genreality today talking about the tv show The Killing and putting emotion on the page. Come say hi!

Sunday, February 12th, 2012
Sunday Stuff

Just realized I forgot to pick the January contest winner. Sorry! The winner is…Mia Loveless from the January 14th blog. Congratulations! Email me and I’ll get the prize to you.

While I’m writing, writing, writing, I thought I’d share this photo with you from pinterest (I have a page in case you want to check it out: here). I would like this and need to find it:

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012
New Book!

For those who liked my Christmas novella, IT’S NOT CHRISTMAS WITHOUT YOU (and I’m hoping that’s most of you), I will be writing another book based on one of the secondary characters – wahoo!!! This one will be longer. It’s tentatively titled LEAN ON ME (and that will likely change) and will come out in October from Carina Press. This book stars Mitch (the brother of the INCWY heroine) and Cassidy, a woman with whom he had a near-miss way back in high school. The book takes place in the fictional town of Holloway, West Virginia. The tagline I used in the proposal was:

Cassidy Clarke needs a little luck. What she gets is a six-foot handsome hottie with a naughty proposal about moving in with him. Lucky girl.

Very excited to write it!

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

First, thougt I’d mention WHEN SHE WASN’T LOOKING is up for pre-order at Amazon and B&N.

Second, I’m blogging at Genreality today about the “are ebooks really books” question.

Finally, for those who enjoyed IT’S NOT CHRISTMAS WITHOUT YOU, I have some great news. Will announce it as soon as I get the okay.