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Saturday, May 7th, 2011

Today my oldest niece, my godchild, graduates from college. I’m so happy for her and so impressed with the smart, dedicated, caring, beautiful woman she’s become. Good job, Jen.

Thursday, May 5th, 2011
Info on Intrigues

Some lovely readers have emailed asking about the final two books in my Mystery Men miniseries for Intrigue. Thought I’d go ahead and give a little teaser for each one.


Maddie Timmons turned over in bed for what felt like the fiftieth time. It had to be past two by now. She refused to look at the clock and check. Not again.

The room had plunged into darkness hours ago when the sun ducked behind the mountains outlining the side of her cabin. The cool late spring air couldn’t penetrate the thick windows near her head. She knew because she’d installed the laminated safety glass herself and then made sure the potential entrances stayed locked at all times. A blaring alarm took care of the rest.

She kicked off the covers and stared at the ceiling. Despite all the precautions, something made her restless. She couldn’t put a reason to the feeling. She just knew her insides kept jumping around, pressing down on her chest and forcing her eyes open ever time they tried to drift shut.

THE BIG GUNS (September 2011)

Sela Andrews was five minutes away from walking into an ambush. Slumped down in his Jeep on the street outside her apartment, Zach Bachman watched the set-up unfold.

The small split screen monitor on his watch showed Sela approaching the elevator on the floor five stories above. That wasn’t the problem, except for how clueless she appeared to be to the danger around her. The other shot centered on the building’s underground garage. There, in stall seventeen, not far from where Zach sat, a man fiddled with something under the hood of her car.

And not just any man. A guy dressed in black, his gaze skipping around the garage as if looking for witnesses. He’d even taken the time to disable the security camera. He just didn’t know he’d missed one – Zach’s.

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Saw a link via twitter about the devastation in Alabama. I haven’t been able to get this woman’s post out of my head since I read it. Go here. If you’re not one to click on links, just read this part:

We had a neighbour who used to trade food and recipes with my husband. She moved out at the end of last month to a house on Thirteenth Street. There is no Thirteenth Street. I saw three dead bodies in a three-block walk. They were just out there. No way of getting to them. Nobody coming for them.

Please donate.

Monday, April 11th, 2011
Good News!

I’m still recovering and getting caught up after the RT Convention, but I do have some news…

My release NIGHT MOVES is a finalist in the 2011 Book Buyer’s Best Contest sponsored by OCCRWA. Yay!! This is the fourth year in a row I’ve been a finalist in this contest. Needless to say, I love this contest.

Also, a reader sent me a link to an online article, What To Read When TV Crime Drama Disappoints. It names three romantic suspense authors – me, Kate Brady and Tara Janzen – as authors to read. Specifically:

HelenKay Dimon: Love snappy dialogue, non-stop action and a strong mystery? I recommend reading this author. You will fall in love with her heroes.

I love returning to good news!

Friday, March 11th, 2011
Request for Help

In follow-up to my post from yesterday…

Fatin has been an integral part of the romance community for years – she owns and runs the RR@H Novel Thoughts and Book Talk blog, is an administrator of the WriteMinded loop, an author assistant and a tireless advocate for romance novels. She is also a friend to many in this community. On Tuesday, March 8th, she lost her husband in a senseless act of violence, leaving her alone with four children. You can read more about the tragedy here: The romance community would like to rally around her. Therefore, we will be holding auctions on ebay the last week of March. More information on exact days and donations will follow.

If you are an editor/agent/author and would like to donate something for the auction – such as a critique, mentoring, lunches at RT or RWA, swag, signed books, etc., please contact me at with your donation. Your help is greatly appreciated! Larissa Ione asked readers recently what type of items they’d most like to bid on, so you might find this list helpful:

Please help if you can. Thanks.

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011
Found This

I don’t read a huge amount of young adult fiction, but I’m starting to read more. Saw an ad for this in Entertainment Weekly and it grabbed my attention:

Can you see the face behind the words? It doesn’t stick out as much here, but it did in the magazine. This cover got me to go to Amazon and read the synopsis for DELIRIUM:

Ninety-five days, and then I’ll be safe. I wonder whether the procedure will hurt. I want to get it over with. It’s hard to be patient. It’s hard not to be afraid while I’m still uncured, though so far the deliria hasn’t touched me yet. Still, I worry. They say that in the old days, love drove people to madness. The deadliest of all deadly things: It kills you both when you have it and when you don’t.

I wanted to know more…so I bought it. Behold the power of good book promo.

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

We have a winner of the January blog contest. Congrats to Judy F (from the January 22nd blog). Email me so I can get the book out to you!!

Monday, September 27th, 2010
Photo: Las Vegas

My hubby and I like to vacation in Las Vegas. We stay at the Bellagio because the place is just gorgeous. One of my favorite parts of the hotel is the conservatory. The flowers and displays change seasonally. Here’s a spring shot from a few years ago:

Saturday, September 11th, 2010
Snippet Saturday

Today’s topic is break-ups. It wasn’t very hard to figure out what to post. I have a book where the hero dumps the heroine in the first scene. I know it doesn’t sound romantic, but I think it works. The book is RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

“This isn’t working.”

There they were. To Gabrielle Pearson the phrase stood second only to “it’s not you, it’s me” as the most lame male excuse on the planet for cutting out of a date before the dessert menus hit the table.

She glanced around the upscale restaurant looking for reinforcements. If anyone heard Reed Larkin’s big kiss off over the rumble of conversation and clanking of silverware, they were not letting on. No one held up a roll ready to lob it at Reed’s fat head. A shame, really, since his over-inflated ego made it the perfect target.

“Gabby? Did you hear me?” Reed asked with his suddenly not-so-kissable mouth turned down in concern.

“I’m not deaf. I was thinking.” Thinking that a woman never had a vial of strychnine when she needed one.

He frowned. “I was-”

“It’s interesting, don’t you agree?”

He switched to squinting. “You lost me.”

“Obviously.” She lowered her fork to the white tablecloth, but not before toying with the idea of stabbing Reed smack in the center of his perfectly angled chin. One hit of the sharp prongs and no woman would ever be lured in by his inviting sexy smile again. “I’m talking about your timing, Reed. You waited until you were done with your meal to make this announcement. You skipped the appetizer course and choked back your undercooked steak without taking a breath.”

Now she knew why. Reed was a man on the run.

The big weasel.

Here she thought tonight, formal date number nine, might be the date. The one to capture all the heat pulsing between them with a bedroom ending. Hell, she’d be lucky to get cab fare out of him now.

Reed took a long swallow of water and when he didn’t choke, Gabby cursed life’s unfairness.

“I’m assuming I’m the part of the relationship that’s not working,” she said.

“Look, it’s not you. It’s-”

Oh, no, no, no. “Don’t finish that sentence.” If he continued down that road the half of the salmon filet she did manage to swallow would make a repeat performance all over his expensive navy suit. Tempting but not going to happen.

“What’s wrong with you?” he asked as if he actually did not know.

“Just don’t.” She pointed a finger in the general direction of Reed’s heart to back up her threat.

Those ice blue eyes that were so attractive up until five minutes ago blinked several times. “Gabby, we should-”

“Stop talking before someone loses a body part.” Her gaze dropped to her fork. “Preferably you.”

The sexy sparkle behind his eyes faded as the grin on his full mouth fell flat. For the first time since they sat down to eat, Reed’s usual assurance slipped. Nice of him to show some reaction.

She learned long ago to control her emotions. To keep her reactions neutral and her anger at bay. No matter how fast that ball of anxiety started to spin around in her gut she held it all in. Forced her outside to defy her insides. She had been through far worse than a broken relationship, weathered much and never broke.

But something about the silliness of the scene, of Reed cutting her off at the same time she mentally planned his seduction, broke open the dam inside her and sent anger spewing in every direction. Pissed. She was down-to-her-bones pissed. A new sensation and one she chalked up to a build-up of stress without any release. One that refused to go away quietly.

If Reed intended to hand her a relationship pink slip, then she planned to give him an ending to remember. “Tell me something.”

He smiled at the older couple sitting at the table next to them. “Sure.”

“Where did it go wrong for you?”

Their relationship didn’t take any wrong turns for her. They cruised along just fine with her getting more interested and attracted every single day. Then the waiter put the entrees on the table and everything went to hell.

“The ‘it’ is…?” he asked.

“For a smart guy, you seem to be experiencing some trouble with small words.”

He stopped glancing around the restaurant and focused on her instead. “Talk slow and I’ll try to keep up.”

“Fine.” Actually, the scene was anything but fine, but she clearly did not get a vote. “Us. You and me. The relationship. Since we never even had sex, I mean.”

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Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Some fabulous reviewers posted fabulous reviews of my (hopefully fabulous) books.

First up is Wendy, the Super Librarian’s, review of HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO. Here’s the important part – she really liked it and gave it a B+. Let’s just post that section, shall we?

It’s been a while since I’ve read a book where I literally wanted to drop everything (oh, like my entire life!) to keep reading. The dialogue is fantastic, the story is solid, and the final chapters are just….wow, amazing! If I had been on the ball at all, this easily would have made my Best Of 2009 list. As it stands right now, don’t be surprised if Holding Out For A Hero makes my Best Of 2010 list.

Next, Lori at the blog I Just Finished Reading got an early copy of LEAVE ME BREATHLESS and posted a lovely review. You can read the whole thing, but the former lawyer in me loved this part:

The description of the courtroom scenes. Loved this. Loved how Dimon portrayed them as incredibly deadly dull. Dimon is a former attorney herself, and so I imagine that she knows whereof she speaks. While normally, authors attempt to put the most exciting courtroom drama scenes into their books, Dimon does just the opposite here. While Ben is such an exciting, vibrant man, it shows how committed he is to his profession. He sits and deals with it, while Callie’s eyes want to roll back in her head from the boredom. I thought that was quite interesting for some reason.

And all of me loved this:

Dimon is one of those authors that I’ll forgive close to anything just because I like her wise-ass dialogue, strong heroines, and hot heroes so much.

Lori was not the only one who enjoyed LEAVE ME BREATHLESS (thank goodness). Danielle at Coffee Time Romance also posted an awesome review:

Ben and Callie made such a compelling couple. The sparks were practically shooting off the pages. Ms. Dimon knows how to tell a story with one thrilling moment after another. The sensual scenes were highly erotic, and the emotional conflict that Ben felt was realistic and heartbreaking. Leave Me Breathless will keep the reader guessing until the very end. A highly enjoyable story with non-stop action.

Thank you, ladies!