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February 12th, 2014
More Covers!

I have three romantic suspense books from Harlequin Intrigue coming out back-to-back starting in April (which really means the end of March). They are books #3 through #5 of the Corcoran Team miniseries. Each stands alone but they do share some common characters. Now that I have the third cover, I thought I’d show them off as a group. So…here’s RELENTLESS (April), LAWLESS (May) and TRACELESS (June):

relentless lawless9780373697656

February 11th, 2014
Cover Reveal

Want to see Callen Hanover’s book? This one comes out in August. Wahoo!


The Hanover brothers are trying to live down the con-man reputation of their late father. But they can’t blame their father for all their problems in life—or in love…

Callen Hanover has led a tough life. But after years of roaming, he’s finally settled back home in Sweetwater to reunite with his brothers, and rebuild Shadow Hill, his grandmother’s crumbling home. The last person he expected to see at his door was Grace Pruitt—ex-girlfriend and partner to the FBI agent who’s determined to put Callen away.

Grace Pruitt is in town to save the two men she cares about the most—her former partner who seems to be on a downward spiral, and Callen, the man who ran before she could explain who she really was…or tell him some shocking news. Can the secrets of the Hanover family’s past be just the thing to save them all? Or is it already too late?

December 25th, 2013
Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season.


December 12th, 2013
Happy Anniversary!

My hubby and I were married 15 years ago today. I should probably post a photo from the wedding but I’m doing this one instead. This is from the night the hubby proposed.


We were in Hawaii at Christmas visiting his parents. I landed in Oahu and got the flu. I mean it. I was REALLY sick this entire trip. My (not yet) in-laws had gotten us tickets to see Tony Bennett perform on New Year’s Eve and I was just trying to get healthy enough to go, which I finally did. Then I was feeling better and thought we should go to Border’s (remember when that existed?). The poor hubby wanted us to go to the Royal Hawaiian for drinks, something we did (still do) on our visits to Hawaii but agreed to a quick bookstore run.

Little did I know he had been waiting for me to get well enough to head over to the hotel’s beach bar so he could propose. I was too busy being clueless and looking for a book for the flight home. I swear I didn’t know he planned to propose right then.

Good news is we went to the beach, he proposed, and I said yes. This is an after-proposal photo. Notice how he has the “thank God that’s over” look. My expression is one of a stunned OMG, OMG, OMG!! type.

Happy anniversary, babe. I love you.

December 4th, 2013
Time To Fly

While our house/petsitter is taking over duties at home, we’re flying here…London!


Is it too much to hope the BBC’s SHERLOCK is filming and we get to see it? Yeah, probably.

November 28th, 2013
Happy Thanksgiving!


November 15th, 2013
Excerpt Day #3

Here we are on the final excerpt day. I’m going to warn you now: this book is an erotic romance. For me that means the book is more descriptive than my usual in terms of sexuality, and the hero and heroine’s sexual relationship helps drive the romantic relationship. Honestly, these two are a bit messed up. They have a rough history and when they get together again they have a load of emotional baggage piled up between them. So, with that introduction, here’s a peek at MERCY:


Becca Ford ducked into the alley running next to Holton Woods, the exclusive members-only supper club perched at the end of the cul de sac on the edge of Washington, D.C.’s Dupont Circle neighborhood. With quiet steps, she edged along the side, her back skimming the wall as she scanned the area for cameras. For once the plan depended on being caught by security instead of dodging it.

In any other city alley the smell of stale beer and a sharp smack of vomit would have hit her the second she turned the corner and stepped behind the three-story brick building. Not here. The members – politicians, powerful businessmen and foreign dignitaries – didn’t go through the intensive membership process and pay the hefty initiation fees and monthly dues to come to just any club. No, Holton Woods once housed a private boys’ school and it retained its inclusive attitude even now.

Her gun pressed against her lower back as she stared at the double doors and obvious lock securing this side of the property. She’d skipped the most logical choice of knocking on the front door, knowing she’d never get past the bruising bodyguard to the boss. The only answer was to get “caught” and dragged inside. Let the men think they’d won the round. That they were in charge. But she’d know the truth.
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November 14th, 2013
Excerpt Day #2

Today’s excerpt is from RELENTLESS. This book centers on Ben Tanner, the newest member of the Corcoran Team. He’s had a thing for a nurse he met on a previous job. She’s not into dangerous men but she is attracted to him. The first date goes well but the “after” is a different story. Take a look:

Jocelyn Raine walked under the wrought-iron archway and followed the path to her garden apartment. It was just after nine and the sun had disappeared behind the Annapolis, Maryland, horizon about a half hour ago. Lights inset in the pavers crisscrossed, highlighting the way as she turned right and jogged up the three steps to her front door.

Her cell buzzed at the same time she reached for her keys. While juggling her small purse, she almost dropped the phone. It slipped out of one hand but she caught it in the other before it hit the hard concrete of the small porch.

She swiped her finger over the screen. The promised check-in text from Ben Tanner greeted her. The guy had light brown hair in a short, almost military, cut and the most compelling olive-green eyes she’d ever seen.

She could describe the color exactly because she’s stared into them all night across the dinner table on their first date. Add in the linebacker shoulders and that scruffy thing happening around his chin, and no sane woman could brush him off without a second look.

It all worked…except for the part where he carried a gun. She hated guns. She wasn’t a fan of violence and despised being scared. She hadn’t seen a horror movie since she was a teen. All of which explained why the guy had to ask six times before she finally agreed to go out with him tonight.
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November 13th, 2013
Excerpt Day #1

Today is the first of three days of excerpts. This one is for BABY, IT’S COLD OUTSIDE, a long novella from Samhain that comes out in digital in February 2014 and in a print duology called UNEXPECTED in November 2014. This book starts out as an office romance and quickly turns. An internal company investigation points to Thea, the heroine and boss’s administrative assistant, as the culprit in a theft. but before that the boss – Lincoln, known as Linc – and Thea spend a night at the office doing something other than working. It’s their first time together…then everything goes haywire.

Since this starts out with sexy times, I’ll put the “more” button early and you can decide if you want to read on ;-)


Thea Marshall’s back hit the wall. Words caught in her throat as strong hands skimmed up her skirt and along the bare skin of her upper thighs. A mix of heat and need pulsed through the office.

The breath rushed out of her and the room went wavy, but she welcomed the rush. She’d craved his touch, dreamed about this moment, since that first day she walked into the executive suite of Campbell Construction four months ago.

Everything about Lincoln Campbell worked for her. From the scruff over his chin to the short, almost military-cut brown hair and intense blue eyes. That simple black-band watch he always wore.

The chest, the face. And the hands. Those long fingers were pure perfection.
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November 12th, 2013
My 2014 Releases

I decided this would be a good time to look ahead and highlight my 2014 book release schedule. For the rest of the week I’ll give you a sneak peek of my first three releases – BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE (contemporary long novella), RELENTLESS (romantic suspense from Harlequin Intrigue) and MERCY (my first single title erotic romance) – but for now, here’s what you can expect. Note that even though most of the books listed are part of related-books series, each book stands alone so you can pick these up without reading the earlier books. The Hanover Brothers series is the only one where reading in order might be a good idea because there are a lot of family secrets in that one, but it’s not mandatory.

The dates and titles might shift, but this is pretty set:

February: BABY, IT’S COLD OUTSIDE – This is a long contemporary novella. A businessman and his assistant, a bad decision and a lot of hero groveling.

April: RELENTLESS – The 3rd Corcoran Team book follows former NCIS agent Ben Tanner & his attraction to a nurse who doesn’t like trouble. Boy, did she pick the wrong guy.

May: MERCY – This is my first erotic romance single title. No BDSM or threesomes, so if you MUST HAVE that in your erom know that it’s not in here, but it is really sexy (some would say dirty) and the sex drives the relationship. The book follows two messed up people with a messed up past. Did I mention she’s a burned CIA agent and there’s a male/male secondary couple? Yeah, all that.

May: LAWLESS – Book #4 in the Corcoran Team series from Harlequin Intrigue. This one follows Joel Kidd as a routine check on his former flame turns into a camping trip disaster. I love writing for Intrigue and I enjoyed writing this one the most so far

June: TRACELESS – Book #5 of the Corcoran Team series and the one where we find out what’s really going on with Connor Bowen and his missing wife. And I can’t say anything else about this one since the “where is Jana” question flows through all five books.

August: LONG WAY HOME – This is a Hanover Brothers story many readers have asked for – Callen finds his heroine. Actually, he found her before and let her go…and she is not happy she has to come after him.

October: ONLY – This is my second erotic romance single title. It’s related to MERCY. Sebastian, the hero’s best friend in MERCY, has a naughty past and one woman is determined to tame him. Well, outside of the bedroom. She likes him wild in private.

November: UNEXPECTED – When BABY, IT’S COLD OUTSIDE first comes out it’s in digital only. The book comes out in a print duology with the fantastic Vivian Arend and her book BABY. BE MINE here. The books have a common theme – pregnant heroines.

November: TOO FAR GONE – This is the final Hanover story and FBI Walker meets his match in Mallory. She’s a fan favorite and a personal favorite, and I’m excited to write her story.

Tomorrow – a BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE excerpt.