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Cover Reveal!

I have some covers to show off and an upcoming release to talk about…plus you should still feel free to buy MR AND MR SMITH for all of your friends. No really, ALL OF THEM.

While you’re doing that, how about a cover reveal? This is for THE FIXER, which comes out December 27th. It’s a romantic suspense, but not like my usual romantic suspense. There are no undercover guys and nothing blows up (tho I tried to figure out how to work that in). This one has a mysterious hero (people literally don’t know his true identity) and a heroine on a personal mission to find her missing cousin. The book has a brooding hero, high emotion. sexy times and a cold case to solve. It’s the start of a new series and absolutely is one of my favorite books of all I’ve written. Here’s the cover and copy:


He’s known only as Wren. A wealthy, dangerously secretive man, he specializes in making problems disappear. A professional fixer, Wren hides a dark past, but his privacy is shattered when Emery Finn seeks him out—and what she wants from him is very personal.

Some people disappear against their will. Emery’s job is to find them and bring closure. Wren is the only person who can help solve Emery’s own personal mystery: the long-ago disappearance of her cousin. Just tracking down the sexy, brooding Wren is difficult enough. Resisting her body’s response to him will prove completely impossible.

Anonymity is essential to Wren’s success, yet drawn by Emery’s loyalty and sensuality, he’s pulled out of the shadows. But her digging is getting noticed by the wrong people. And as the clues start to point to someone terrifyingly close, Wren will have to put his haunted past aside to protect the woman he loves.


It’s almost time…


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Reissue At New Price!!


ON SALE FOR $2.99!!

One of my first books was called VIVA LAS BAD BOYS. It was a collection of sexy novellas set in a fictional Las Vegas hotel & casino. The idea for the book came from a vacation the hubby and I had over Easter weekend back in 2004 or 2005. We stayed at Bellagio and thanks to a transformer mishap there was a blackout. We actually had to be moved to another hotel because no one could get the lights to come back up after 24 hours. I have photos. I’ll post those tomorrow.

The good thing about the blackout was it got me thinking…I wonder what everyone is doing in this dark casino right now. Uh-huh, I’m sure we’re thinking the same thing. Well, I got back from my vacation and called my editor at Kensington and pitched her this idea about three novellas about three couples during a casino blackout…and VIVA LAS BAD BOYS was born.

For years you could get VIVA but it cost $12 in print. Good news is I got the rights back and now I’m re-releasing it as ONE NIGHT IN VEGAS (I didn’t like the VIVA title…). You now get all three stories in one anthology for $2.99. You can find it in ebook here:


Another Teaser For You!

MR. AND MR. SMITH comes out in a few weeks!! You can go ahead and pre-order now. Expect spies, lies, suspense and sexy times.


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MR. AND MR. SMITH comes out 5/24. It’s a mix of deception, undercover operatives, suspense and sexy times. How do you say no to that??


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On Sale!!

I visited The Ripped Bodice, a new romance bookstore in LA, and have many photos to show you. But first… to celebrate the book being a RITA finalist and because it’s Monday (that’s a good reason, right?), FACING FIRE is on sale for $1.99 in digital. Now is the perfect time to try it out. You don’t need to read the other books in the series to jump into this one.

FacingFire Graphic2-2



FACING FIRE, my RITA nominated romantic suspense, is on sale for $1.99 at Amazon. Now is a great time to grab it. Go HERE to check it out.


Teaser Time

This one comes out May 24th. It’s sexy romantic suspense with two heroes, a load of deceit and a some angsty times.




It’s never too early to give you a book teaser, is it? Here’s one for MR. AND MR. SMITH (out May 24th). This is male/male romantic suspense. The title probably says it all…




I have really exciting news…  FACING FIRE has been named a RITA finalist in the romantic suspense category.  I am so thrilled and grateful.

When his uncle is brutally murdered, Josiah King knows that business just got personal. His uncle’s ties to the Alliance can mean only one thing: Josiah and his black ops team are targets, along with everyone they love. Primed for vengeance, Josiah is determined to unravel the plot–until long-legged redhead Sutton Dahl becomes a dangerous distraction.

Sutton is very good at uncovering other people’s secrets—and protecting her own. When Josiah bursts into her life she’s torn between pushing him away and asking for his help. Mysterious, strong, and much too sexy, he’s a puzzle she longs to solve, and a temptation she can’t ignore.

Thrown together in the face of Alliance’s most lethal threat, Josiah and Sutton become unlikely partners, fighting for their lives even as the attraction between them flares into real passion. Torn between his team and the woman who means everything to him, Josiah will risk it all to save Sutton, even if that decision is his last.

You can find the book in Walmart and in some grocery stores. You can also find it at Amazon, B&N, Powell’s, iBooks,  Kobo and the HarperCollins website.

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