Top Pick!

My December release, THE FIXER, is the start of a new series. It’s also a Top Pick at RT Book Reviews. Here’s the review, which I love!!!


HelenKay Dimon launches her new Games People Play series with a sensational story that smashes all conventions and defies genre expectations to craft a story that is smart, slick and addictively engaging. Though her hero and heroine may fit the mold of confident alpha-male and feisty side-kick, Dimon is courageous enough to show their humanity, letting their awkwardness, hesitancy and growing captivation with each other shine through, making their journey, and their sizzling chemistry, completely engrossing and deeply emotional. The result is a taut, engaging tale unlike anything out there.

You can pre-order using the links HERE.

Good News!

MR AND MR SMITH got a starred review from Library Journal!! Take a look:

Mr. and Mr. Smith final

Dimon, HelenKay. Mr. & Mr. Smith. Loveswept: Random. May 2016. 215p. ebk. ISBN 9780399594946. $2.99. ROMANTIC SUSPENSE, LGBT Fisher Braun, a covert operative with the Special Activities Division of the CIA based in London, never expected his world to explode—literally. Persons unknown blew open the door to his off-the-books home; his boyfriend Zachary Allen is missing from the home they shared; and he was followed by his partner Nathan March, who isn’t surprised to discover that Fisher is gay. When a ransom note is found demanding Fisher in exchange for Zach, it seems Zach has been hiding secrets from Fisher, too. Zach is even deeper undercover than Fisher, though both work for the CIA. Fisher started out as an assignment, but Zach’s feelings changed over time, and when Fisher’s cover is burned, Zach refuses to let him fall victim to the criminals he is investigating. But saving Fisher may burn Zach’s cover, and neither may make it out alive.

Verdict Dimon’s new covert series starts with a bang. The titles play off those of popular thrillers, which will hook readers and leave them anxious for the sequel, The Talented Mr. Rivers (Sept. 2016). Dimon, a RITA-finalist for Facing Fire, provides another winner for libraries looking to add more romantic suspense, especially where S.E. Jakes and Josh Lanyon are popular.—Melanie C. Duncan, Shurling Lib., Macon, GA

PW Review

I just got a great review from Publishers Weekly for UNDER THE WIRE, my next Bad Boys Undercover book. This one totally stands alone, so if you want to try the series this is a good place to jump in.  Check out the review:


under the wire

Dimon’s intense fourth installment of her Bad Boys Undercover series (after Facing Fire) brings readers straight into the dangerous world of the Alliance, a very secret group of former CIA and MI6 agents who undertake covert missions for civilians. When scientist Cara Layne goes missing while on an expedition in Russia’s Ural Mountains, her brother asks Alliance member Reid Armstrong—her exfiancé—to find her. He soon retrieves her, but several of her colleagues are still missing. As Reid, fellow Alliance member Parker Scott, and Cara search for them, the danger increases dramatically, and Reid knows he must focus on the mission, but he keeps being distracted by the realization that he is still in love with Cara. She’s a strong, independent woman who is the perfect match for the emotionally wounded, physically powerful Reid, and the simmering sexual tension between them propels the novel swiftly forward. Dimon has deftly combined sizzling romance with covert operations in a sexy thriller that will leave readers searching her backlist and eagerly anticipating future installments.

Friendly Reminder

I had two releases come out over the last two weeks – FACING FIRE (romantic suspense) and MINE (contemporary erotic romance) – so I’m thinking about reviews right now…which I admit is not my favorite part of the writing job. On behalf of your author friends I would ask you to consider, if you’re so inclined and the type who likes to to post reviews, to please consider writing a few lines (an honest review saying whatever you want to say) on Amazon or B&N about the books you read. I never ask for reviews and totally understand if you don’t have the time or interest. It’s not your job to write reviews (not for most of you, anyway). I just know that I often mean to write one and forget. This is just a friendly reminder in case you have the same memory problems that I do.


Coming Up…

FACING FIRE comes out in less than a week – YAY!!!! This seemed like an excellent time to post an inspiration photo of my hero, Josiah (Jamie Dornan with especially impressive arms).


The reviews are starting to roll in. Here are a few:

“The Bad Boys Undercover are back, and this third installment gives readers everything they love: high stakes, intense action and unexpectedly searing chemistry.” -RT Book Reviews

“Nail-biting suspense and steamy romance are the mainstays of this novel…” -Publishers Weekly

“Non-stop action and emotional twists and turns make Facing Fire a highly entertaining read. Don’t start it late at night unless you can sleep in the next morning!” -Heroes & Heartbreakers

Also, if you want to check out the first chapter HERE. Just remember my earlier warning about how this book has a lot of explosions. That starts right in chapter one.

Early Review

It’s never too early to talk about ONLY, my October release, is it? I don’t think so either. Here is a great early review from RT Book Reviews. The reviewer gave ONLY 4 1/2 stars – wahoo!


“Dimon turns genre expectations upside down in this blisteringly hot erotic suspense sequel. Fans of her high-stakes, dangerously seductive world will find plenty of familiar faces and a wealth of new temptations and menace that quickly grow addictive…Dimon’s ability to weave together such strong, engaging plots is commendable, and her characters are surprising, complex and sensual. With a subplot as addictive as the main arc, this is a sequel — and a series — that simply should not be missed.” – RT Book Reviews

Suspense Time

I have a new romantic suspense coming out in July called FEARLESS. It centers on a formerly engaged couple now broken up, starts with a murder, takes place in beautiful Annapolis, MD and deals with the NCIS. I actually apologize in advance to the NCIS. I know you are all decent, hard-working people, but that angle didn’t work for the story, so…yeah.

I got my first review for the book from RT Book Reviews and it goes like this:

“Dimon just keeps ratcheting up readers’ pulse rates with a tightly wound plot, punctuated with explosions, gunfire and passion.”

I like it – thank you!

The First One

You write these books and you love them and you send them out and hope other people like them. With my upcoming contemporary release, NO TURNING BACK, the idea for the series had been kicking around in my head for quite some time. I was so excited to sell the books and had such fun writing the first two. And now I get to wait and see what other people think. Honestly, you just don’t know and it’s a little scary.

Good news is I got my first review at Goodreads from Lillie who wrote a review blurb and said:

Loved this one. Reminded me a little of Romeo and Juliet but with a much better ending. And a cast full of smartasses. Great blend of humor and drama. Full review to come.

Thank you, Lillie! You eased my author anxiety and I am thrilled you liked the book!

Review Time!

My next Intrigue, COPY THAT, is out in early August. I was a little nervous about this one because it has so many moving parts. In my head it all made sense but sometimes you worry it doesn’t translate right on the page. Jeremy, the hero, is an identical twin. Jeremy’s romance is the main romance, but there’s also one for his brother, Garrett. So, two romances, a twisty suspense that touches both brothers, a mistaken identity issue and much action. In other words, there’s a lot going on.

So, I was relieved when I read the review in RT Book Reviews today. It got 4.5 stars – yay! Here’s the review:

Border Patrol agent Jeremy Hill is taking a break to visit his twin brother in San Diego and looking forward to a little R&R, but when his brother’s tenant is attacked and the house blows up, resting has to take a backseat to investigation. Teacher Meredith Sams thinks she finally has a normal life when Jeremy breaks down the door and her world goes up in smoke. As the pair goes on the run, Jeremy has to find out which of his brother’s cases has gunfire flashing, and Meredith has to find an inner strength she didn’t know was there. Dimon’s wild ride — packed with explosions, double-crosses and witty banter — will have you holding on to the edge of your seat.

My favorite part? Well, it would have to be this: “Dimon’s wild ride — packed with explosions, double-crosses and witty banter — will have you holding on to the edge of your seat.” Yeeeessss!

What She Said

Sometimes you read a review and think, “yes, this!” I had that experience this morning. I’ve been confused by all the love for the AMC show The Killing. Not completely confused, but mostly. I thought the pilot was briliant and showed huge promise. The acting by the parents of the dead girl was breathtaking at times. I also thought the second half of the season was a convoluted mess and, well, boring. It takes a lot of work to make a murder mystery boring, but the writers did it.

My biggest pet peeve was how stupid the lead investigator, this woman who is supposed to be amazing at her job, came off. Playing on the gossip blogs today, I read one post that summed up most of my thoughts on this series perfectly. Specifically,

Here’s another huge peeve: instead of building the puzzle pieces around the police investigation, the story and the characters went off on so many tangents that the two lead cops – Linden and Holder – look like incompetent idiots. If they were investigating the murder of someone close to me, I would want them off the case. It took them two weeks to search a car and trace the murdered girl’s footsteps on the night she went missing. That kind of ambivalence to how a real investigation is conducted does a disservice to the characters, truly.

Yeah, what she said.

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