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RWA Conference Booksigning

This is what the booksigning looked like at the RWA conference Wednesday night:


There were approximately six billion people there…or so it felt like. Thank you to all the wonderful readers, reviewers, bloggers, fellow authors and librarians who stopped by to say hello. I learned a few things: (1) many of you are as excited for the October release of MINE as I am; (2) when I talk about Bad Boys Undercover series from Avon and say “this series features undercover alpha dudes who are trained to protect” some of your eyes light up and I LOVE that; (3) some of you are naughty…and l love that, too; and, (4) some of you want your books in print no matter what (and I get that). It was a thrill to meet all of you & to sign so many books. I love selling books for charity.

Final Corcoran Book!

My final Corcoran Team book is out in print! TAMED released today (it comes out in digital on August 1st). In this one, Shane Baker has the hots for his best friend’s sister. They are supposed to meet for dinner but a masked gunman has another idea. Damn those masked gunmen.


RT Book Reviews named this a Top Pick! for August and said: “If you love hot alpha males, pick up Tamed. Dimon really outdoes herself, and this just might be the best story in the series.”

Clearly this means you should go order 10 or 20 copies. You can make that happen at most Walmarts, Targets, some grocery stores and Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


If you posted a review for the first in my erotic romance series, MERCY, any time either before or right now on Amazon, B&N or Goodreads, and would like a treat, please email me at hkdimon @ gmail.com me with a copy of the review link. Thanks!

Pre-Order Sale

I don’t know how long this will last, so act quickly…my last Corcoran Team Book from Harlequin Intrigue, TAMED (out in print July 21st and in ebook on August 1st), is up for pre-order on Amazon and for some reason the print version is only $3.30. That’s more than $2 off the list price and less expensive than you can get it at release time at even Walmart (I think).


To entice you further, this one is a Top Pick! for August at RT Book Reviews. The reviewer said, “If you love hot alpha males, pick up Tamed. Dimon really outdoes herself, and this just might be the best story in the series.”


So, go grab it at AMAZON while the price is good.

Movie Watching

I spent the holiday weekend having a cookout with good friends, going out to eat, working (no, really, I did…) and seeing some movies. The hubby and I finally ventured out to see JURASSIC WORLD. I have a general statement to make: fictional people need to stop trying to make dinosaurs and opening theme parks featuring them. I remember having that same feeling when I saw PET SEMATARY years ago. I watched and thought, “why do people keep burying stuff up there when they know it ends so badly?” JURASSIC WORLD gave me a bit of that sense. I kept thinking, “these scientists should be smarter.” Despite that common sense issue, the movie is very entertaining. Lots of action, some horrible deaths, cute kids in peril, Bryce Dallas Howard running & rescuing in heels (which was really impressive) and Chris Pratt. Yeah, that last one – Chris Pratt – is the real reason to see this. In fact, I would like to ask Hollywood to put him in everything. Admittedly, studios are trying to put him in everything. They should continue that.

We also saw KINGSMAN. I really liked it. It had a crazy over-the-top feel. Some parts were a bit too silly, but the other parts mostly made up for the downsides. Colin Firth as a killing machine in a tailored suit worked. The younger guy (I have no idea what his name is) was entertaining. Again, the non-stop action worked for me.

Now it’s time to get back to work with short breaks to watch the tv show Sense8. The first episode was a bit rocky but then it sucked me in.

July 4th!

To my followers in the US…Happy July 4th! I hope you have safe and fun celebrations with your loved ones. Enjoy the fireworks and comfort food!

july 4th


Is it possible for a coffee mug to sound British? I think this one does.

And now I want tea and cookies… Happy Friday Everyone!


Literacy Signing!

If you’re in NYC in July you should check out the RWA booksigning. There will be hundreds of authors there. You’ll be able to find all types of romance, including YA and NA books. The best part is that the proceeds go to literacy charities.


For more info go HERE.

Now In Ebook!

For those who have been waiting for the ebook version of SHELTERED…it’s here! It’s available now in both print and digital, which of course means you should go buy 50 copies. No, really. He’s undercover. She’s got a big secret – how do you say no to that?

“No slow opening here, as Dimon leads off with an exciting, steamy bang.” –RT Book Reviews


You can check it out here:



Librarians are awesome…but you know that. In case you didn’t, here’s an article on the 20 Heroic Librarians Who Save The World.