Author’s Note on The Secret She Keeps

I write a lot of heroes who are mysterious. They have rough histories and aren’t emotionally available. They tend to act in ways that might be described as odd (I’m being nice here). Some are commitment-phobic —okay, a lot of them are. Most aren’t looking for a relationship and have been taught by life to be skeptical them.

So, I thought, what about giving all of those same self-protective, tough, and people-averse tendencies to the heroine instead?

And Maddie Rhine was born.

Maddie showed up in the shadows in the first book in this series, Her Other Secret. In The Secret She Keeps, she steps into the spotlight, which is something she would hate. She’s mysterious, quirky, and yes, odd. She’s someone who has seen some ugly stuff. She lived through a terrible situation and came out as a wary and careful survivor.

That means Maddie doesn’t always make choices that seem reasonable, and she often does the unexpected. All of that was great fun to write. I hope you enjoy Maddie and her offbeat charm. Hero Connor certainly does!