The Whitaker Island Series

The place people go to get lost and start over...but there are times when the past won't let go.

The Jameson Heirs Series

Naughty billionaire playboys, family drama, fake engagements & a baby...or two.

The Close Quarters Series

The most interesting things can happen when people get stuck together in a tight space...

The Dirty Series

Sometimes, to get what you want in business or in love, you have to get your hands dirty.

The Tough Love Series

An explosive combination of secrets, seduction, undercover agents and dark desires.

The Holton Woods Series

The secret lives of spies...intense and sexy with a hint of danger.

The Greenway Range Series

With their military careers over, it's time for these men to start over and get their love lives in order.

The Corcoran Team: Bulletproof Bachelors

Dangerous assignments and women caught in the crossfire...the romance is inevitable.

The Corcoran Team Series

Undercover agents in uncompromising much danger and all that romance.

The Hanover Brothers Series

The Hanover brothers inherited quite a legacy from their con-artist father, including a knack for messing up their love lives and a secret they never imagined…

These gems are stand alone stories; they are not part of a series

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