Who is Darby Kane? HelenKay! That’s who!

(This FAQ brought to you by TeamHelenKay)

HelenKay Dimon books are romances, and just as mysteries end with solving the Whodunnit, romances guarantee a Happily Ever After. HelenKay writes in three subgenres within the Romance HEA: Romantic Suspense, Erotic Romance, and Contemporary Romance, and every HelenKay Dimon book has an HEA.


Pretty Little Wife is straight suspense. It’s a thriller and HelenKay is thrilled about it. Here is the set-up:

Her husband is missing, which would be fine with her except she put his body RIGHT THERE and now it’s gone.

But it’s not a romance, and in order not to confuse the promise of an HEA, HelenKay and her incredible editor decided to bring out Pretty Little Wife under a pseudonym.

Enter DARBY KANE. All the great plotting, rich characterization, and fast pacing readers expect from a HelenKay novel — but in a thriller.

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