Author Notes on Waiting for Him – More about the expanded story

Sometimes characters just won’t be quiet.

The first version of this story was a short novella entitled His for the Holidays, which came out in the anthology Reindeer Games — a super fun collection with eight other authors. The book released, we all had fun (especially Cam & Jonah), and I moved on to other love stories.

But readers just kept emailing me about them. You all wanted to know more.

And I wanted to know more, too. I just couldn’t help myself — I love Cam & Jonah. So what happened? I wrote FIFTEEN THOUSAND more words about them.

Here’s what’s new in the updated version:

The original story focused on the time around the holidays in the later years of the six years Cam & Jonah have known each other. The updated version has a lot about the beginning and getting to know each other… wanting each other… hating being apart.

In telling more of their story, I expanded the book significantly so readers could learn more about the beginning of their relationship and see their attraction and longing build.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed the writing — both times!