Author Notes on Stranded

I love writing romantic suspense. The adrenalin. The danger. Two people falling for each other while everything is falling apart around them. Fitting the romance and the suspense together in an intricate puzzle. Actually, that last part is hard, but that’s what makes writing the books so much fun.

One problem is the “save the day” moment tends to come close in time with the couple realizing they are each other’s “one” and, well, the book ends soon after. I wanted to know more…and the idea for Stranded was born.

Stranded is about what happens after the danger is done and the characters have had time to physically heal. They are no longer running, hiding, hunting and saving. They go back to their “normal” lives and…then what?

I knew that’s where things could get interesting.

Brax and Cabe dealt with survival and it led to betrayal. They’ve lied to each other and sacrificed for each other. The idea of delving into that was too delicious to miss.

In Stranded I got to look at the “after the suspense is over” time and see if I could put their relationship back together. It was a huge challenge, and I loved it. I hope you do, too!