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Who is Darby Kane? HelenKay! That’s who!

(This FAQ brought to you by TeamHelenKay)

HelenKay Dimon books are romances, and just as mysteries end with solving the Whodunnit, romances guarantee a Happily Ever After. HelenKay currently* writes in two subgenres within the Romance HEA: Romantic Suspense and Womens’ Fiction with Romantic Elements, and every HelenKay Dimon book has an HEA (she’s promises).

However, Darby’s books are not romances. And in order not to confuse the promise of an HEA, HelenKay and her incredible editor decided to bring out these thrillers under a pseudonym. Enter Darby Kane. All the great plotting, rich characterization, and fast pacing readers expect from a HelenKay novel — but in a thriller.

Check out DarbyKane.com, or Darby’s books here on HelenKayDimon.com.

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* HelenKay’s backlist also include reader favorites in both the Erotic Romance and Contemporary Romance subgenres. If that’s your thing, she’s got your book!

Where do your ideas come from?

Everywhere. Honestly, coming up with the ideas is not the problem. Putting my butt in the chair and writing the book – yeah, that’s the tough part.

Why did you stop being a divorce lawyer and start writing full time?

I’m actually still a lawyer…unless you know something I don’t. It’s true I’m not practicing law right now but that’s mostly due to a relocation from Maryland (where I passed the bar exam) to California (where I would have to take another bar exam to be licensed). The idea of going through another bar exam makes me kind of ill, so I’m taking full advantage of having a book contract and staying out of a courtroom. Feel free to buy my books so that I can keep that streak going.