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What is different about the reissued novellas in the Close Quarters Series: Waiting for Him and Stranded?

What’s New:

  • Waiting for Him was previously titled His for the Holiday.
  • Waiting For Him appeared previously in the anthology Reindeer Games (no longer available) as His for the Holiday in December 2018.
  • Waiting for Him is an expanded story.
  • Both Waiting for Him and Stranded have new covers.

What’s Not New:

  • Stranded is the same story that was previously published in November 2015.


Do you consider the Games People Play series romantic suspense?

I do!  It’s not the typical romantic suspense series. You won’t read about serial killers or undercover agents. The suspense piece in each one of these books centers on an unsolved case. The hero and heroine have difficult pasts that intersect, sometimes without them even knowing it. There is some danger but these are not undercover-operatives-with-guns books like in the Bad Boys Undercover series. I think the Games People Play series will appeal to both romantic suspense and contemporary romance readers. At least I hope so…

Are the settings you use real places?

Unless there’s a note in the book saying the area or town is made up, it’s real or at least based on a real place.  The international locales in the Bad Boys Undercover series are all real. For example, for information on Pakistan for Falling Hard, I depended on blogs and videos from Himalayan climbers for visual guidance. For the Dirty series I did a lot of research on Germany, Morocco, Ceuta (Spain) and the Svalbard Seed Vault (the Doomsday Vault). If you want a guided tour through the Doomsday Vault, check out croptrust.org

Are we ever going to meet brother Griff in the Dirty series?

Griffin in the most mysterious of the already over-the-top mysterious Drummond brothers. His story has been percolating in my head. I’m hoping to write his book soon. But, honestly, it’s been tough coming up with a story that’s perfect for Griff.

Any plans to write paranormal or historical romance?

None. There are a bunch of potential future books bouncing around in my head. Some of the ideas are for romantic suspense plots, there are a few pure mysteries, one or two nuggets with supernatural issues (think X-Files) and some others. But I’ll leave vampires, werewolves and other creatures of the night, along with anything in a historical setting, up to those authors who write them so well.

Do you still write novellas?

Whenever I can. Anthologies tend to be by editor invitation only. If I’m asked, I usually say yes because I love writing them.

Will there be books for Josh & Derek (from Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy)?

Josh makes an appearance in It’s Hotter in Hawaii (April ’09) but he gets his own happy ending in Holding Out For A Hero (October ’09). Check out my BOOKSHELF page for more information about those and other releases. I don’t have a story for Derek. He needs to grow up a bit first. In my head he is 20-something and not quite ready to find his heroine match.