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Introducing Darby Kane and Pretty Little Wife!

July 17, 2020

But wait, who is Darby Kane? We’re so glad you asked, because Darby is HelenKay! Some things haven’t changed. HelenKay Dimon books deliver romance with a happy ending in three romance subgenres: Romantic Suspense, Erotic Romance, and Contemporary Romance. No matter what happens in a HelenKay Dimon book, you are guaranteed a ride that will end with people building a life together and working toward a Happily Ever After.

A Darby Kane book is a very different kind of book. No promise of happy endings or romance. These are twisty thrillers and domestic suspense, and HelenKay is so excited to announce Darby’s debut! Her first book, Pretty Little Wife, will release on Feb 16, 2021 in print, ebook, and audio.

A wife, unraveling secrets and a dead husband…and that’s just the beginning. Check out Pretty Little Wife for the answer to the question: Shouldn’t a dead husband stay dead? Read an excerpt then pre-order yours!

Ebook Sale!

June 9, 2020

The ebook of The Secret She Keeps is on sale for $1.99!!! An island filled with quirky characters. A mysterious (and maybe a little odd) heroine. A hero who refuses to admit he’s in mourning. And so many secrets. Don’t miss this deal!

The Secret She Keeps is Out

December 30, 2019

“Memories of her former life smashed into her, stealing her breath.”

The Secret She Keeps, book 2 in the Whitaker Island series, is NOW AVAILABLE in all ways to read: digital, print, and audio — pick your favorite! Meet Maddie and Connor in chapters 1, 2 & 3 (yes, the THIRD chapter was just added!)

Read the reviews, then: The Secret She Keeps, just for YOU! ORDER YOUR COPY!!!

BONUS CONTENT! Want to know more about Maddie? She was in the shadows in the previous book, Her Other Secret (but you don’t have to read them in order). Check out HelenKay’s Author Note for The Secret She Keeps where HelenKay reveals the motivation behind writing Maddie’s character.

Want more mysterious heroes or small-town stories? HelenKay has many more to choose from. Enjoy!

A NOTE FROM HELENKAY: Concurrent to my big Whitaker Island book release, which I am so excited about, there is an unfolding situation with RWA, an organization in which I am very involved. As I’d like to keep this site all about my books, I am choosing not to address what is going on with RWA and my role within it here, but rather keep it on twitter, where I am active in the ongoing discussion. Thank you, and happy reading ~HK


The Secret She Keeps – Read Chapters 1 and 2 Now!

December 10, 2019

Whitaker Island fans rejoice! HelenKay just added another chapter (because we just can’t wait!) to the online excerpt for The Secret She Keeps. Book 2 in her popular Whitaker Island series will drop into reader hands on December 30.

Remember Hansen from Her Other Secret (book 1)? Connor is Hansen’s brother and you can read all about his rocky start on the island with chapters one and two. Team HelenKay was totally hooked after reading these opening chapters, and we think you will be too, so don’t miss pre-ordering your copy (digital, print, or audio) so you can keep reading as soon as possible.

BONUS CONTENT! Want to know more about Whitaker Island? Helen Kay has a present for you! Check out her author note for book 1 where she reveals the inspiration that started it all.

Stranded, reissued with a brand new cover

November 19, 2019

With a storm moving in, someone lurking outside the cabin, and a holiday on the horizon, time is running out. What happens when the undercover mission is over and the men who battled danger together face one another again…

Stranded, part of HelenKay’s Close Quarter series, is NOW AVAILABLE, reissued with a pretty, brand-new ebook cover. Yay! Meet Brax and Kyle in this excerpt, and if you have not yet read this enemies-to-lover story, order your copy today.

Be sure to check out HelenKay’s Author Note on Stranded. Get a little bit of a Behind the Scenes insight!

In the mood for more romantic suspense? Stay tuned for The Secret She Keeps, due in reader’s hands on Dec. 31.

Wait No More for Waiting for Him

November 4, 2019

Perhaps the combination of a secluded cabin and an approaching holiday might be what Jonah and Cameron need to finally move from hot and interested to can’t live without each other. But will it work?

Find out! Waiting for Him, book 1 in HelenKay’s Close Quarter series, is NOW AVAILABLE in ebook format. Previously published as part of an anthology as His for the Holiday, the story has been significantly expanded — check out HelenKay’s Author Note describing how she’s reworked this story.

Read an excerpt and then order your copy today!

Want more holiday or long-time crush stories? HelenKay has many more to choose from.