Moorehead Family Rules releases on Tuesday, but Chapter Two posted TODAY

April 21, 2023

In FOUR DAYS Moorewood Family Rules comes out in ebook, print (trade paperback and hardcover) and audiobook, but HelenKay couldn’t wait! And now you don’t need to either because she’s posted another chapter for you to enjoy. That’s right, in the first chapter we learned where Jillian has been for thirty-nine months, but now that chapters 1 and 2 are online, you can find out how her family hid the truth from their unsuspecting mark.

But since Tuesday feels so far away, here are FOUR MORE HelenKay things you can do to get you through the next four days:

1) The Moorewoods are not HelenKay’s first fictional dysfunctional family. She breaks her books out by themes/tropes for readers — check out more Dysfunctional Families.

2) Check out HelenKay’s Author Notes for her Whitaker Island series: two books, two secrets, two inside peeks at the author at work: Her Other Secret, The Secret She Keeps

3) The Moorewoods aren’t exactly on the right side of the law, but HelenKay’s smoldering series Games People Play certainly is. Romantic suspense without undercover agents? HelenKay’s got you covered. Now if Jillian Moorewood can only get all the messy loose ends of her life covered…

4) And of course, preorder Moorewood Family Rules so you can have on April 25 when it releases!

FOUR DAYS… Tuesday can’t come fast enough!